Connection Between Faith and Public Policy

Love is the heart of faith.  This love prompts compassionate responses to the needs of others. We often discover, however, that our individual acts of charity and generosity only relieve symptoms rather than addressing the root causes of suffering.  At this point love compels us to pursue justice by engaging in public policy debate about the systems and structures that affect the common good.

Iowa IPL supporters have been faithful advocates for sustainable energy policy and climate policy through public education on these issues, as well as by contacting their legislators at the local, state, and federal levels and asking them to support these policies.

During the 2017 Iowa legislative session, we advocated for energy policies that encourage a transition to 100% clean energy in Iowa, reduce greenhouse gas pollution, protect the health, beauty, and integrity of creation, and support the health of human communities. Click here for our 2017 climate and energy priorities.

 In addition, Iowa IPL supporters have submitted comments on Distributed Generation to the Iowa Utilities Board, supported energy efficiency legislation in Congress, and supported the Production Tax Credit for wind energy. Advocates have also spoken in support of the carbon pollution rules for new and existing power plants through comments submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Iowa IPL will continue to send out action alerts on legislation on a timely basis. To join our email list and receive these alerts sign up here.